Simulators and other technical facilities

Sovcomflot Training Centre provides training with the following simulators:

Vessel manoeuvring and navigation simulator

The simulator is designed for theoretical and practical training on the manoeuvring for ship captains, first mates and the officers of the watch in accordance with the Convention's requirements, as well as the specific requirements of the company. The simulator includes one main multi-functional and one additional navigation bridge.

The bridges are equipped with NaviRadar4000 / NaviSailor4000 series that allow you to simulate radar / ARPA / ECDIS and other components of the vessel navigation bridges.

The simulator meets all modern international and national requirements for this type of simulator, which is confirmed by the approval certificate issued by the DMT of the Russian Federation and DNV Classification Society.

Cargo ballast and technological operations simulator

The simulator is designed for learning the hardware and systems structure, learning to manage those, and technological operations accomplishment and decision-making in routine and emergency operating conditions.

The simulator allows you to simulate the loading operations on board an:

- Oil tanker;

- Product tanker;

- Semi-submersible drilling rig;

- Oil storage tanker.

Ship power plant simulator

The simulator is designed for learning and obtaining skills in watchkeeping in the engine boiler room and central control of the modern vessel with a high degree of automation, and in acting in emergency situations, as well as for testing the level of knowledge of marine engineers in compliance with international conventions and specific requirements company.

Trainees’ knowledge testing is carried out using the Delta – Test software package which takes into account the International Convention STCW-78/95 requirements and consists of the following software packages:

- Delta – Navigator: testing for captains, first mates and conning officers; more than 1500 tasks.

- Delta – Engineer: testing for marine engineers; more than 1200 tasks.

- Delta – Tanker: testing for tanker staff; more than 350 questions.

- Delta – Ice Navigation: testing for navigators and other crew members working in ice-covered seas, more than 100 test tasks.

- Delta – ECDIS: testing for navigators on the use of Electron Chart Display and Information Systems, more than 85 tasks.

- Delta – ISPS Code: testing for experts on the protection of vessels and port facilities, more than 200 tasks (approved by the Maritime Administration of Liberia and recommended by FSI Maritime Security Service of the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation).

In addition to testing, Delta – Test has a training (test preparation) mode which allows not only to learn the correct answer to the question, but also to get a commentary that explains why this particular answer is correct, as well as links to related regulatory and other sources.